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Where our community and our planet are #1.

At MBK Rental Living, our seamless indoor-outdoor lifestyle is made possible by prioritizing the care of both our residents and surroundings. We choose features that maximize your comfort while leaving a lighter footprint. It’s one of the main ways we stand With Our World.

Pro - People

Property-wide air filters reduce airborne pollutants

Use of VOC materials help keep lungs healthier and happy

Refrigerators with built-in water filters make for high hydration and zero worry

USB outlet to help keep devices fully charged

Better outdoor lounge areas thanks to safer pest and weed controls

Pro - Planet

On-site solar panels power property lighting*

Low E glass windows reduce ultraviolet exposure and help with temperature control

EV charging stations encourage green vehicle use

Energy-efficient LED lighting & Energy Star appliances

Smart thermostats keep eco temps front of mind and easy to manage*

HVAC systems respond to climate change

* Based on location

Pro - Action

Weekly recycling program makes it easier to care for waste that can't be reduced or reused

Partnerships with furniture rental companies to increase item life and curb impulse buys

Sponsored Local clean-ups help us care for our wider community

Biyearly battery drive to get rid of zapped energy bits

Reusable water bottles provided upon move-in

With Our World is brought to you by MBK Rental Living, a leader in developing environmentally and socially responsible communities. Our comprehensive program seamlessly blends conscious design with high performance to provide healthier, more comfortable living environments for our residents.
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